SuperJeweler Review

Super Jewler Review

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Company’s Overview

Super Jeweler is an e-commerce company that delivers jewelry to consumers at the best possible value in fifty different countries. The purpose of Super Jeweler is to create a platform where consumers can easily browse through different designs of the jewelry and can get them delivered at their doorstep without any hassle. In the modern era, e-commerce is taking the place of conventional shopping due to its benefits. The consumers can get best deals on the purchase of diamonds, gemstones and trendy jewelry on the website.



The e-commerce company was founded by Andrew Fox in 2000. The purpose of the company is to provide quality jewelry at affordable prices to all the consumers. The company believes in the quality of the product and offers a lifetime warranty for all products. The company has employed about 100-200 people on different posts and the estimated annual revenue of the company is about $25M.


How To Use The Website

Super Jeweler is an easy website to use just like any other e-commerce store. The information on the website is available in different languages for the ease of the consumer. The prices of the products are also available in different currencies for global business. The website has different categories for the kind of jewelry and there is also a search box where the consumer can search for the required jewelry with the type of material and karats. The website offers different views of the product with prices depending upon the metal used and the karats.

In case of any diamond ornament, a table shows the information regarding the diamond such as its color, clarity, weight, creation and enhancement methods, etc. Similarly, there are tables showing the information regarding the metal of the jewelry and the number of gemstones being used. The website also shows the reviews of the products below the product which helps the consumer in making the choices. The actual and the discounted price is shown along the product. In order to purchase the product, the user can either log in by using the website’s account or by using the Facebook account. The consumer can also continue as a guest and can fill out the required information in order to complete the transaction.

The company has also partnered with different platforms in order to provide the required ornaments to the consumers on smaller transactions. Super Jeweler is a staunch believer of the quality of the product therefore, it offers a lifetime guarantee for all the products. The company also offers a money back guarantee in case of any fault in the product which is also mentioned on the website. In case of any queries, there is a live chat option available where the consumer has to submit his name and email address with the query. The online team is available 24/7 to answer the queries. Super Jeweler also is famous for free shipping of the products to consumers all around the world.


How much Does Super Jeweler Cost?

Super Jeweler is free of cost for the consumers. The consumer can surf the website and search for the required product. The account on the website is also free of cost which is required in order to complete the transactions. Moreover, the consumer can also log in through a Facebook account in order to complete the transactions. The company also offers free discount vouchers on transactions which can be redeemed during the payment resulting in some amount of discount on the items.


What Are The Services Being Provided?

Super Jeweler is an e-commerce company that delivers jewelry to consumers at the best possible prices.  The purpose of the company is to provide quality jewelry at affordable prices to all the consumers. However the company expertise in:

  • Diamond Bracelets
  • Wedding Rings
  • Engagement Rings
  • Blue Diamond Earrings
  • Diamond Stud Earrings
  • Fashion Jewelry
  • Black Diamond Rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces of all kinds.


 What Payment Methods Are Accepted By Super Jeweler?

Super Jeweler accepts the payment through credit cards and debit cards. It accepts the cards through a variety of gateways. The manual payment options are not available which includes the payment on delivery and payment through checks. The payments can also be made through online money transfer companies by registering the credit card. Super Jeweler also provides optional insurance which guarantees the replacement of item if it is lost or is damaged during the transit. In case of paid insurance, the company will be bound to send a replacement of the item free of cost to the user in case of any damage or loss. The company also does not accept any payment in the form of virtual currency. The promotion vouchers can be redeemed during the transactions resulting in the discount on various items.

The shipping is free of cost in most parts of the world by the company making it a unique one in its rivals.


Note – Refund Policy of Super Jeweler

Super Jeweler offers a full money back guarantee within 60 days if the consumer is not satisfied with the product and services. The product must be returned in its original condition in order to avail the service. If the shipping to a certain area is not free, the amount spent on shipping the item will not be returned to the customer in any case. If the item is damaged or lost during transit, the company is not bound to send the replacement if the low-cost insurance facility is not availed.


Pros of Super Jeweler

Ease for the consumer

Super Jeweler has made it easy for the consumer to sit in front of his computer and browse through different products and selecting the desired product. Moreover, the aim of the company is to provide consumers, products at best rates making it possible for everyone to buy the ornaments.

Good customer services

Super Jeweler provides exceptional customer services. The live chat box on the website helps the consumers regarding any queries about the product or any other issue. The consumer service members also help the customers in returning back of the product in case of any problem.

Promotion Codes

Super Jeweler provides promotion codes which can be redeemed during completion of the transaction. The promotion codes are offered by the company to the customers on completing the required number of transactions. The vouchers can be redeemed and discount on various products can be availed


Cons of Super Jeweler

No replacement in case of no insurance

The company is only bound to replace the product free of cost in case of the paid insurance service availed by the consumer. If the product is damaged or lost during the shipment, the company will not be responsible for replacement if the insurance policy is not availed

No acceptance of any virtual currency

In the fast and progressing world, currency notes are being replaced by virtual currency. The company accepts payment only through cards and online payment companies but has not introduced any system which accepts the payments through virtual currency.



Super Jeweler is a good e-commerce platform for consumers in order to browse and buy jewelry and other ornaments. The lifetime guarantee offered by the company depicts its staunch belief in costumers satisfaction rather than just business. Moreover, free shipping options in many parts of the world differentiate Super Jeweler from its rivals.

Lauren Scott