Phone.com Review

phone.com review

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Phone.com is an online platform which provides cloud communication services to businesses, homes, and entrepreneurs at low cost. The company offers voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone plans at affordable prices which can be utilized for basic functions such as a single phone line to advanced functions with multiple phone lines. As the success of the business is based on communication, therefore Phone.com is delivering cloud-based communication system which helps in the growth of any sort of business. The user-friendly system of the company is cheaper and easy to adopt. Moreover, the company offers various plans which can be chosen by the customer depending upon the needs of the business.


Introduction Of The Company

Phone.com is a telecommunication platform which was founded by Ari Rabban in 2006. The company aims to aid in the expansion of businesses by improving the standards and rates of communication services being adopted. The cloud-based communication system connects all devices to give unified communication service for the business. The company has employed about 210 people. The annual revenue of the Phone.com is estimated to be about $13M.


How To Use The Website

The website is attractive and easy to use. Phone.com differs from other telecommunication websites due to its unique features. The website displays different packages for consumers with their volumes and other offers. The consumer needs to have an internet connection and a phone to sign up for the services. Once the customer selects the package, the consumer can sign up in some minutes by converting the already present number to Phone.com or by selecting a new number. A video is present on the website which shows all the steps, making it easy for the customers to sign up. After signing up, the customer can make business calls on any phone whether a mobile phone, the desk phone or computer calls. The customer can access up to 50 professional phone features which are not offered by any other telecommunication company. One salient feature of Phone.com is that the business customer will never get the busy tone as many devices are synced with the cloud-based communication system.

The customer can also select premium features being offered by Phone.com from the website for which he has to pay fairly less additional amount. After signing up the website displays many local, international and toll-free numbers which can be chosen by the customer. Phone.com can also choose from a range of music holding options which the clients will hear during call extension or holdup. The website also displays user extension options, call handling options and other options for the convenience of the customers. Phone.com also provides an option of converting the phone number into the cloud-based extension for which information is displayed on the website.

The customer can also choose from a variety of desk phone, conference phones, analog phones, and mobile applications and accessories to set the communication network. The prices of all the phones are displayed along with different views of the accessories. By clicking on the specified model, the customer can get all the information about the phone model and its features.  There is also an option for comparison of different accessories with each other which helps in making the choice. The customer can also check the support of their phones with the company setup. A list of supported and unsupported devices are available on the website. The pricing of different packages is available from where customers can select the desired package. The last step is to sign up for the services and fill out the required information.


Is Phone.com Free?

The website is free of cost just like any other telecommunication website. The consumers can surf freely and can get information about different accessories. The customer can also get information about different packages and can select the package according to the need. Different packages are available with different volumes and different features. The three basic packages are

  1. Base package: starts at $12.99/month or $9.99/month if payment is made yearly. The package contains 300 monthly minutes, unlimited user extensions, 1 toll-free number, and 40 standard features.
  2. Plus package: starts at $19.99/month or $14.99/month if payment is made annually. The package contains 500 monthly minutes, unlimited user extensions, 2 toll-free numbers and some premium features along with basic features.
  3. Pro package: starts at $39.99/month or $29.99/month if payment is made annually. The package contains 1000 monthly minutes. Unlimited extensions, 3 toll-free numbers, and all premium features along with standard features.


What Does The Company Offer?

Phone.com offers voice over internet protocol (VoIP) phone plans at affordable prices which can be utilized for basic functions such as a single phone line to advanced functions with multiple phone lines. However, the company gives the following features in their plans:

  • Options of Call Queuing
  • Transfer from voicemail to email
  • Account Management Services
  • Auto Attendant Availability
  • Fax to Email Transfer
  • Call Routing Services
  • Scheduling
  • Dial-by-Name
  • Call Screening Services
  • Call Blocking Services
  • Caller ID


Refund Policy

Phone.com does not provide any free trial services to the consumers. However, the company offers 30 days money back warranty if the consumers are dissatisfied with the services.


Pros of Phone.com

Phone.com provides cloud-based communication at the lower rates making it affordable for many consumers. The standard features and facility of toll-free numbers are making this telecommunication company reliable for many customers. The option of unlimited extensions in even basic package makes the business phone available all the time resulting in an increase in the business and customer satisfaction.


Cons of Phone.com

Phone.com does not provide a free trial for new customers. Moreover, the facility is still available in limited areas.  The payment methods are also limited creating some issues for the customers.



Reliability and low cost are the defining features of Phone.com. The customer care services of the company and the availability of many resources make the company popular among businessmen and entrepreneurs.

Lauren Scott