Carol Cline, an expert potty trainer had a lot in mind when she came up with the Start Potty Training kit. Form her matriarch experience as a mother of four, Carol promises potential clients practical, quick and working methods that even the stubborn kids can learn in less than 3 days.

The Potty Content

Start Potty Training program teaches parents how to train their kids to use their potty without much effort or stress. The topics include:

  • – A number of options to teach the boys, and others to teach the girls
  • – Teaching special kids such as the victims of down syndrome, autism among others
  • – Teaching older children as well as twins

– “Bumps in the road section” – this is a special section that talks about challenges that parents may face during training. Carol addresses the fear of bed-wetting, pooping, regression, tantrums including other issues that may trouble a parent. She also gives an extra critical advice on how you can handle outings in places such as the mall, pools, and even when travelling


The Potty Format

  1. Instruction guide

This guide is written in 3 different formats that you can choose from depending on the style you prefer. The text, the audio and video come in different formats that easily demonstrate the array of training techniques.

  1. Three days fast

This section includes the summary on the different stages to get your kid on the potty within 3 days. The summary provides easy-to-follow steps on how you can lead your child to poop or pee in the potty effortlessly without using any force.

  1. The building blocks to success

This section carries six ways to ensure that success is what you get

  • – Setting necessary tools for success
  • – Preparing yourself
  • – Why the first day is crucial for discussion
  • – Potty training at night
  • – Reviewing the last two days

– How to avoid regression

  1. Customer support

This is totally free of charge. Carol has the tools and the experience to help you out with your child because she knows that every child is unique and responds differently to every issue. You can reach her online incase you have queries; and the best part that once you make your purchase you get a free customer care – non-customers pay for this service.


Why use the Start Potty Training formula

  • – Tens of thousands, if not millions of parents from around the world have used the kit with massive success
  • – A simple step-by-step guide to train your kid without stress
  • – Different methods have been provided for different sexes and status; there is something for the boy and something for the girl, there is also a section for special kids
  • – Challenges that parents experience plus solutions are also explained in the program
  • – A quick approach to help your baby learn how and where to pee and poop
  • – Effective customer support
  • – Wave goodbye to diapers
  • – To track the progress of your child, there are motivational reward chart for the extra encouragement

– A 60-day money back guarantee incase you are not satisfied with the product

On a scale of 10, I will give Start Potty Training program a 9 since a parent has to be fully dedicated within the three days of training. If not, the days can turn out to be weeks. This is why patience is key to avoid frustration when you decide to devote three days of making sure that your child becomes a ?€big’ boy or girl.