Lego has been the most common staple in terms of toys for the past decades up until now. Almost every kid wants or has wanted to play with a Lego set to explore their creativity in building things. Without a doubt, building blocks with Lego have made kids think more imaginatively. For parents who truly want to please their kids but only have a limited budget, choosing cheap Lego sets is the best decision for you. Here are some set options that would definitely make your kids elated to have as their own:

LEGO Ultimate Building Set
This set comes with 405 pieces assorted with bricks and different elements such as windows, wheels, doors and different mini figures. It is a perfect set for toddlers and could serve as a perfect present for them. Kids can come up with a lot of imaginative formations with the wide array of pieces. This is definitely one of the best cheap Lego sets available in the market today. This ultimate building set has a lot of pieces that kids can integrate in their future sets. Think of it as a starter set for a future lego building expert. This set will definitely kick start a kid’s addiction to building blocks.

LEGO Minecraft Village
Another one of the most popular and cheap Lego sets is the Minecraft-themed set. Minecraft has been one of the most crazed games by kids today. Its popularity not only captured kids but adults as well. This set is perfect for kids and adult collectors alike. You can come up or recreate your very own Minecraft village with this perfect set that comes with a pig, villager and a zombie buildable Micromob figure. Imagine putting up an actual 3D model of what you only play in your mobile phone or tablet and display it in real life.

LEGO Super Heroes Spider-Cycle Chase
Here’s one more of the most interesting and cheap lego sets — the Spiderman-themed set. It comes with Spider-Man, Venom and Nick Fury mini-figures along with a Spider-Cycle and a S.H.I.E.L.D flying car. Kids and Spider-Man addicts would enjoy having this set because of its creative concept and action-themed design. Children would be excited to build-first and play with this set because almost every kid loves Spider-Man. The friendly neighborhood Superhero has been one of the best figures that ever came out of the comics world.

If you are looking for the perfect toy to make your kids less addicted to internet or console games, choose Lego. It has been one of the most enjoyable and beneficial toys in history. It improves children’s imaginative ideas along with hand-eye coordination. It also allows kids to get better in terms of critical thinking by analyzing how to build and combine the blocks and pieces in order to form a definite figure or structure. Choose Lego and let your children improve on their imaginative and building skills.

So if you still can’t decide on what present to give your kid, here are 3 perfect options that would definitely bring a smile to your kid’s face. Cheap Lego sets definitely provide the best value for your money and if taken cared of properly, it can last for a very long time. It can even be passed from generations to generations.