After hearing many traders talk about Auto binary Signals and reading some reviews on the same, I finally decided to see what it is all about and whether the hype that surrounded it was actually true. I can say that I was not disappointed and would recommend it to anyone who is looking to excel in the trade industry. The product would be described as software that leverages binary signals to help traders make sound and profitable investment decisions. This is done simply by monitoring the changes that occur with binary options or the signals that helps to provide deeper insight with the market changes. This way the user is alerted with the ideal investment strategies. I loved the fact that it needs minimal system resources and is compatible with Macintosh operating system and Windows.


Basics of the product

As I compile the auto binary signals review, it is important to take you through the basics so that you can know what the product is all about. After buying the product and gaining access to the software, you will automatically gain access to the Auto binary Signals Members Area. From here, you will be required to look for a quality broker who will help you with the trades. I was impressed with the high number of recommended and approved brokers in the member’s areas. This gives you the golden opportunity to choose the one you feel will offer the services that suit you best.


As soon as you get the broker, the next step is to watch a webinar that has been produced by the creator of the product Roger Pierce. Although this goes on for a couple of hours I found that it passed across valuable information that will help you understand the product better to take full advantage of it. It reveals everything about the product from the basics to how it works and the best techniques to utilize in order to achieve perfect results.


Finally, it is also important to mention in the auto binary signals review that the final step to take after getting the product is to go through an in depth video series that features PDF manuals. This describes every aspect of the code software in detail and also offers some case studies of how some traders have benefitted from the program to make huge profits. You should also know that the software not only tracks the trends with stocks but also foreign currencies, commodities and other investment options that feature predicted trends that are mostly based on historical data. I have used it for 4 months and I can confidently say that the success rate is highly acceptable. Although you cannot expect the results to be 100% accurate, you will be happy to learn that you can get an average of about 80% which is rather incredible.

Some of the reasons why I would go ahead and buy the product as highlighted in the auto binary signals review include:


  • The product is quite user friendly meaning any trader regardless of their level of expertise can use it without any complications.
  • The software adapts to the queries users input which implies that eventually it will be tailor made to your trade and market preferences.
  • It comes with indicators that reflect demand and supply which come in handy when making decisions on the trades.
  • It also features easy to understand and clear charts that help you make you profitable investment decisions.
  • Has an impressive success rate of about 80% which is way better than some of the products found in the market.
  • Comes with 60 day money back guarantee and no questions are asked. This means that you do not have anything to lose in the event that it does not work the way you expected it to.
  • Has responsive and very helpful customer support.
  • Quality PDF training and videos are well designed where beginners can start using it as soon as possible.


It is not possible to write a auto binary signals review without talking about some of the things that I did not like with the product. For starters, I had to spend a lot of time going through PDF and videos fully in order to understand how it really works. Some prior trading knowledge is important before you start using the product and sales page may exaggerate a little as different traders make different figures.