Adonis Golden Ratio is a powerful fitness program that is created by John Barban. He is one of the most famous fitness trainers in the world today. There are many people who want to know about this program. It is a 12 week course that can give some fitness tips for all readers. This course is divided into several cycles. This program is specially designed for all people who want to build their body properly. There are some pros and cons about this program. Here are some useful information about Adonis Golden Ratio Workout that people should read before they purchase this powerful program.


1. 12 weeks workout program

This is the main feature that is offered by Adonis Golden Ratio Workout program. This program is specially designed to help all readers achieve their fitness goals in 12 weeks or less. This program has some useful tips for all people who want to lose fat and build their muscle effectively. There are some recommended exercises that people can follow easily. This program also has some restricted exercises that should be avoided by most people. Many people are interested with this product because of this workout program. They can follow this program for up to 12 weeks easily without any problems.

2. Video lessons

There are more than 70 videos that are offered by this program. All videos are created to help all members learn how to do some fitness techniques or exercises perfectly. People should watch these video lessons when they want to gain maximum benefits from all exercises or workouts. These video lessons are updated regularly, so people can get the latest information about these workouts or exercises easily. All videos are available in the member area that can be accessed by all members.

3. Supplementation guide

This is another benefit that people can get from Adonis Golden Ratio Workout. This program also offers supplementation guide for all users. It means that people can purchase the best supplements that are suitable for their needs. There are some recommended supplements that are very useful to remove fat and improve muscle mass effectively. All products are safe for human consumption, so people don’t have to worry about the quality and safety of these supplements. This program is going to share all supplements that are also used by the creator of this program, John Barban.


1. Has step by step instructions

This is the main reason why people want to buy this fitness program. This product has step-by-step instructions for all readers. This program is suitable for all users from the beginners to advanced users. All materials are given to help members achieve the best results from their fitness programs.

2. Easy to follow

This program is very simple to follow. There is no complicated thing that people should understand before they can follow all tips from this product. It is a comprehensive method for people who want to improve their muscle building progress easily. People can simply follow the system or methods mentioned in this program, so they can start achieving their fitness goals.

3. Varied programs

There are many different programs that are offered by Adonis Golden Ratio program. It means that people can do their favorite programs based on their needs or preferences,. There is no chance of all members to get bored when they learn about this program. All varied programs are specially designed to target different muscles or body parts.

4. Can be customized easily

This is another reason why this program is popular today. All fitness programs can be customized based on the users’ needs and preferences. People can determine their own fitness goals before they follow their favorite programs from this workout plan.


1. No nutritional guide

This is the only drawback that people may have from this program. This is a pure fitness program that comes with supplementation guide. People are not able to find some nutritional guide or diet plan for improving their health. However, it may not be a major problem for most members. All users should be able to find some nutrition tips from their nutritionists.

They are some useful information about Adonis Golden Ratio workout. This program can be followed by all people who want to achieve their fitness goals easily. When people purchase this product today, they are covered under the warranty system. There is no risk of purchasing this product today. It is believed to be one of the most popular fitness programs these days.